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Most of my family and friends know Greg Christopher and I are a forever bond. Soon, my mom will be added to our home to live with our assistance. When my son and his wife, Matthew and Alissa, mom and I -with a few others help, remodeled our house 3 years ago, we made sure it was as handicapped accessible as possible – EXCEPT the bathroom. Greg and mom are both totally dependent on wheels for life now. I’ve tried to get aid for the remodel, with no success from government entities. All 3 of us are disabled and on SSI. I could have made a Go Fund page, but they keep a large portion of funds. We need to gut the room, add a 220 outlet, replace tub with a walk in shower, add two receptacles, a new sink base, and new vinyl roll flooring. We can probably accomplish this with Greg’s knowledge and my capabilities, only concern is the plumbing changes and electrical upgrades for most labor. The cost of tile, flooring, and shower are what we need help with. We realize everyone is tight, however, we are asking for help in any way our closest family and friends or people with a caring heart, can afford or do. The demolition has already begun. Greg and I will add any funds given into his savings account at Wells Fargo bank or If a check is sent to mom. Any aid or expertise you can offer, or wire, 220 receptical, tile to put on shower walls, shower fixtures, paint, flooring, or your time to help would be very appreciated and truly valuable to us while we adjust mom, Evelyn Sims to her new home and enable Greg to be safer at the same time. Feel free to call, message or text me or Greg Christopher for questions or comments. Thank you for being a part of our lives. June and Greg! donation will go into Greg’s savings account at Wells Fargo Bank. Thank you for your thoughts and generosity, Evelyn, Greg & June


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