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When my heart stopped last month, due to lack of oxygen during an accute asthma attack, it made me face my mortality…a humbling experience to say the least!

This is a plea for help. I’ve fallen on some hard times. Since last March, my asthma has sabotaged me, my job, and my bank account. I am unable to work in this condition as I keep passing out when I have an asthma attack. Its a condition called Cough Syncope, which basically, means that…during my asthma attacks, the carbondioxide (dirty air) is unable to leave my lungs. As the carbon dioxide builds, it leaves little space for oxygen (clean air) to enter, creating toxic levels of carbondioxide in the lungs. As carbondioxide builds in the lungs, it reduces lung function and won’t allow oxygen into the lungs (lack of space). This causes a ┬álack of Oxygen into the blood/brain, causing the victim (me, in this case) to collapse. This has happened to me several times in the past few months.

In December, asthma/cough syncope caused my lungs to shut down & my heart to stop, (luckily i was already in the hospital…after collapsing at work!). CPR was done to resusitate me, so I am still alive (give thanks!) & a tube was inserted into my lungs to help me breathe (intubation tube-no fun!). I’m still recovering from injuries to my ribs during CPR done on December 12th. I just got out of the hospital again last week, same condition, only not as bad this time. That makes 7 hospital visits for the same issue in the past 9 months.

  1. I’m looking for financial assistance in order to pay medical/ambulance (and other) bills, buy food and gas, medicine (one of my inhalers alone costs $365/month)…&rent/heat. An application for short term disability is in the works, but its not here, nor will it be enough to cover expenses once it does (finally) arrive. Any help is greatly appreciated. Humbly, ~Tia
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