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Hello, I came across this page doing a search for financial assistance help for people dealing with cancer. So, I am trying this in hopes to find some kind people to help me. I am a single mom that was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in March, after I started becoming extremely ill and lethargic. After the ultrasound and biopsy, I was informed I have 7 tumors and it is cancer and I am scheduled for surgery and follow up treatments in June.

I was working two jobs but with my recent illness I no longer could perform my CNA duties and had to take leave. And now I am no longer able to work my pharmacy tech job due to passing out and pain management that includes morphine. I was recently approved for disability, but it only covers the rent with 7.00 left.

I thought things could not get any worse they in fact did. I am up for lease renewal in June, and they are raising the rent over $400 bringing it to 1500 a month. So then I had to start looking for another place and found one I can afford. Unfortunately the loss of income caused credit card debt that caused credit problems.

So because of my lower score I need a month 1/2 deposit so please share and help me be able to secure my move in August. Please and thank you and God bless all affected by this terrible disease.


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