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We have the happiest updates of all!

Minnie has regained her health and she has been adopted! 



Many thanks to everyone who supported this campaign. Minnie is out of emergency vet care and with her temporary foster mom in KY. She is now eating consistently — and is a bit ravenous considering what she has been through. She will spend a few weeks recovering and may even be listed for adoption soon at ACDRA.org. Ultimately, she is slated to go to a foster home in DE where her arrival is eagerly awaited! 

Minnie is a fighter. Please help us help Minnie be a survivor!

Adorable, tiny Minnie was dumped along with her mother, a lovely red cattle dog, to fend for themselves. And then poor Minnie got separated from Mama & was on her own, alone, eating trash or whatever she could find. She didn’t deserve this; but she survived. With cattle dog mama and a terrier papa, well, that’s a double dose of tough!! And then good Samaritans took her in & kept her safe — but it was only temporary.

Thankfully, ACDRA (501c3 organization), heard her story and stepped up. Her future looked much brighter and secure…but, no, not yet.

Shortly after arriving at her temporary foster, Minnie got very sick, vomiting, lethargic, depressed. Unfortunately, it was early Thanksgiving morning. The emergency vet was the only option. The once feisty pup barely lifted her head, refused food and water. The sparkle in her eyes was gone. The diagnosis was Parvo.

Since Thanksgiving, Minnie has been getting excellent veterinary care, but it’s a tough recovery and she is still receiving 24 hour care. After 3 days in the hospital, she’s still not eating, but we are hopeful. She’s wagging her tail when we visit and her eyes are getting a little brighter. But, she can’t leave the hospital until she’s eating and holding down food, so she’s not out of the woods yet.

As we all know, ACDRA and the generous members don’t look the other way when one of our own needs help. Minnie is family. And soooo adorable with a little wiry, shaggy beard & whiskers. Her veterinary bills at the emergency hospital are adding up quickly, currently exceeding $1500. Any donation, no matter how small, will help. ACDRA (and Minnie) are thankful for your support.

NOTE! If you make a donation, your receipt will be from World Christian Charity Fund. Rest assured it is going to ACDRA. Thank you!


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