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Hello, I am John. Due to an 18 wheeler accident both of my legs were crushed. I am on 100% disability with a fixed income. In 2015 I bought a house, built in 1962 and there is much that needs to be replaced. The roof is the original on the house and had been leaking for quite some time. Upon further inspection I found outside the fascia, some rafters and all the insulation needs to be replaced and a total repaint. Inside the home needs mold containment and remediation, new insulation and paint in some of the rooms. I have had estimates that totaled $30,000 to have it all replaced. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,John

Update::  I am now at critical stage. The city wants to condem the house. I need now $80,000.00 to pay off and fix this house. asap. Or I will lose the house. I only have a couple of weeks to come up with the payoff part of $60,000.00  And I found someone to do the roof for $20,000.00

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