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My immediate younger brother got involved in a fatal fire accident with a first-degree burn—the medical treatment cost ranged between $20,000 to $30,000. We are from an impoverished family and cannot afford the treatment needed. We are using this medium to solicit financial assistance to seek the medical intervention he needs. I have attached a link address to the videos and pictures of my brothers’ physical looks after the fire incident. Please be advised the pictures are painful to watch. I and my family are in a very painful situation not only with the fire incident with my brother but with the high medical cost of caring for him. We have turned to everywhere possible we can as well as borrowing from friends. If we can get the amount of money stated above, we will be able to settle his medical bills and also buy the needed medications when discharged from the hospital. I never knew how life can be so difficult and people become so in need until this fire situation with my brother.  My brother is a family man with a wife and five kids, he is a breadwinner of his home. I am beginning to be afraid of how to take care of his family in his absence. I really want him to be well and sound to be able to take care of his immediate family. But with his present health condition due to the fire, his family will not become a liability to a society built also a burden to me. I am using this opportunity to solicit financial help from all well-wishers and to whom this may concern to come to our rescue so my brother can get on his feet again as a man.



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