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Hi everyone and I hope you are doing well and enjoying the upcoming holiday season.  I found out in June that I had breast cancer.  Thank goodness I found out when I did because I was in Stage I and it was within early stages for this type of cancer.  After immediately finding out that I had breast cancer, I had some blookwork done and found out my kidneys were not functioning well.  My surgery was put on hold because of this.  I met with an excellent kidney doctor down in Brick, NJ who took me off my Metphorman medicine for my Type 2 diabetes and my blood pressure medication which was Lorsartin.  Within a month, my kidney functions improved.

I finally was rescheduled for October 1st breast cancer surgery which did happen and was successful.

I am now facing medical issues because my general practioner did not put me back on diabetes medicine after my surgery and would not see me till December.  Because of this, I succumbed to several other medical situation which involved unrinary tract infections, fatigue, depression, anxiety and other physical ailments.

I was formally semi-retired and earlier this year, I started working for Uber on a PT basis, whick since June has very difficult to do and my cancer diagnosis.  I had a car accident driving for Uber back in June, and it took them 4 months to re-start me.  I was unable to collect unemployment because I hadn’t worked enough so was turned down.

I had another car accident 10 days ago, and I don’t know if I’m going to be covered under my collision.  There’s a policy problem.  And there’s over $10,000 of damage to my car.

I am asking right now for some financial help from my friends and family to carrying me through a difficult time until I can get on my feet again.

I appreciate your consideration.


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