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My name is Laura, I am a 47 yr old wife and mother. I am now in the process of being put on the kidney transplant list. My current kidney transplant is 32 (almost 33) years old, which is well above the average lifespan of a transplanted kidney (10-12 yrs). I had my first transplant at 14 years old. It started to decline about two years ago and I am now in stage 4 CKD (Chronic kidney Disease) and am very close to stage 5 or end stage. I am incredibly grateful for those 32 years, it got me through a lot of good things, my teenage years, getting married, and raising my children. I would like 32 more so I can see what life has to bring me and my children, to meet my grandchildren, and grow old with my husband. It takes a lot of time and jumping through big hoops to get put on the transplant list, that is what I am currently working on. The medical bills are starting to trickle in and soon they will be pouring in. I have chosen to list at several different centers as this will give me a better chance at receiving a kidney. This means I have to travel to each center and pay for appointments and testing at these centers. On top of the extra travel, appointments, and testing, I will have to take time off of work. My vacation and sick time will be used up quickly. Thank you so much, any help is greatly appreciated.


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