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As most of you know Clay has been struggling with high blood pressure for a while. In the last recent months, his kidney function has been declining. So, he will be starting dialysis twice a week. He can try several things to prolong the diagnosis, but they all end here. We are raising money so he can start this process without having to work as well. Doing both is extreme stress on his body. I have filed for the disability, but they are behind on interviews, our interview is in 394 days away.

I did try to notify some important family members before making this but i was unsuccessful.  Dell has helped so many people in his time. He always tried his best with contributing to household despite his struggles his medical struggles past 5 years. He is always open to others with borrowing/giving money. We have allowed family members to move into our home to rebuild their life and use our cars while there to help them rebuild. Everything his given, he did not expect anything in return. IF you can help anything will help!

He has so much to still enjoy. First he is only 54, he has committed to sober life while we get his health in control. He has 2 grandsons to live for. Also our marriage, even though we been together 15yrs.

He will be forever grateful for what donations can be made. We will make it through this with god by our side.

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