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I live in a small country town in western Ohio, and have been diagnosed with Ranod’s Disease. This means that when the temperature outside drops below 60 degrees, the blood in my toes and my feet retreats into the rest of my body. Normal body temperature is 98.6 degrees. My body temperature last February was 77 degrees. The lack of blood causes my toenails to stop growing,  and my  feet and toes to wither away ( I lost 1/2 of a shoe size this past winter). The pain is chronic, striking at any time. There is nothing I can do in this climate to stop the damage. By April, I will have to start amputating toes. My podiatrist has told me several times to move to the south side of Florida. Moving to a hot climate  is the only thing I can do to save my toes and feet from amputations beginning this spring. I deliver pizzas for a living and have no where near the money it will take for me to move to Florida. I have been assured I will have a job there delivering pizzas, which is a blessing and  makes me feel very grateful. I will need to drive to Florida ( a 2 day drive) twice. Once to find an apartment, $600.00-$900.00 a month for rent (1st month, last month plus a deposit needed), and a second trip to actually move. Also, I will lose many days of work, causing a lot of lost wages. I just got  $1,500.00 loan to replace my 23 year old car with a 14 year old car, and I pray and hope it can get me to Florida and back twice. Please help me by donating to my campaign. This disease is hideous and it has put me in a desperate situation. If you can’t donate money, please give me your prayers and positive thoughts.  Thank you so very much. God Bless

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