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Cera aka. Sailboat Barbie as she’s become known as, is two years into a stage 4 Metastatic Adenocarcinoma diagnosis. She hasnt let her dire diagnosis slow her down and continues to put endless efforts into her boat renovations to make her sailing dreams come true whilst taking on additional jobs to manage the increased medical expenses of being sick. She has pushed herself through this tumultuous journey with very little assistance, living so far from friends and family and only returning to Canada for treatment.  A small group of friends in Marathon have been amazing at making Cera feel like family but this truly is one of those scenarios it takes an entire village for. 


Cera has recently become allergic to the infusion treatments that have extended her quality of life. This has impeded her ability to work, be mobile or even function normally on a daily basis around the pain and flare ups.  There are very little conventional options left available with the non conventional options being very expensive. Cera is not ready to give up yet, and we want her to have every chance at winning this battle she deserves. There is no gift more valuable than health, with financial assistance Cera will have the opportunity to explore options that have worked for people in her shoes. She will be sharing and noting her medical and sailing journey through her social medias and keeping us updated on medication responses. Please consider contributing to making a miracle happen in Ceras life.


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