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I am a survivor of domestic violence. I endured it for 10 years.

The only thing that was good that come out of my marriage was four wonderful children.

We do not have much but we survive on what I can do.

I work 70 hours a week and it is just not enough.

My ex husband left me in mounds of debt. He does not pay any child support and would rather be destitute than help me or the kids.

I have tried to get loans but my credit is in the toilet.

I often do not eat since I cannot afford to feed all of us.

It is hard to admit that I need help.

Daycare, Afterschool care, student loans, medical bills, Bill collectors, late fees and attorney fees are dwindling my paycheck.

Getting a second job is hard when I barely have anytime for my children now but I keep searching so I can maybe get ahead a little.

This is my last option. I just want to be ok.

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