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My name is William Sheriff, I have a disease of unknown origin, I’ve gone thru a number of tests and diagnosis, my doctors haven’t been able to identify the disease, overtime it’s progressively become worse.

Initially the disease began to affect me on the outside of my body, now more recently I’ve had issues with my heart, lungs, and acute inflammatory responses that make it feel like my lungs and heart are like a furnace, making it difficult to breath, whether sitting or standing. The courses of treatment have been limited, some have sent me for emergency hospitalization.

On the exterior of my body, the disease has progressively gotten worse, it’s become more painful as it tears open different areas of my body, making it harder and harder to manage.

The damage is physically visible and tears into me, my doctors are aware the cost it takes on my body, I’m being encouraged to keep hope.

The pain is constant, excruciating around the clock and debilitating.

I’ve generally been a strong person, I’ve usually made good life choices, I try to right by others as well. I love my life, at the same time when I’ve been able to help someone else I’ve done so.

I could never have imagined what I’m facing, generally I’m a private person when it comes to dealing with difficult matters, I could usually educate myself and figure out how to go about taking on life challenges.

This is different, due to the lack of definitive diagnosis, it’s not only been difficult in trying to figure this disease out, but finding normal has been supplanted with taking on severe levels of pain.

Any funds would be used for; home, food, bill payments, the necessities of life. Thank you for your love. God Bless everyone, thru whom we find our way home.


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