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The  LIFCC is comprised of a large group of professionals working day to day in the healthcare arena. Specializing in Eldercare, Special Needs, Mental Health and other areas where care is provided. This Coalition was created out of a need to support and educate the over ONE MILLION Caregivers living on Long Island today. This number will continue to grow exponentially over the next 35 years. There needs to be a trusted resource for families to turn to. Caregivers will be faced with many challenges such as ; Balancing a Career and family while caregiving Getting proper healthcare for family members and themselves. Learning about home care payment and care options Assisted Living or Group Home options Nursing home care decisions Obtaining self care Post care education and emotional support Dealing with financial difficulties  Learning about benefits and government programs not widely advertised Home and Auto modifications Becoming a caregiver is often unexpected and life changing. No one should have to go through it alone, we are here to help. Your financial support is not only appreciated but essential in giving local caregivers the tools, emotional support and guidance they need.

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