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My name is Michael Jennings and I am setting up this donation page for my wife, Maisha.  We have been married for 12 years and share four wonderful children together.    My wife is originally from Chandler, Arizona.  She was adopted at 2 years old after her birth mom passed.  She didn’t find out about the adoption until she was 17. She has fun memories of her childhood to say the least. I met Maisha when she was attending college in 2010.  I fell in love with her then and it has only gotten stronger by each passing year. Last year, my wife was diagnosed with liver disease and was told she would need a liver transplant to survive.  This news came as a shock to both of us since my wife is only 39 years old. After several test and seeking a second and third opinion, it was confirmed that she did indeed need a transplant.  At the time of news, I was working, and we had Blue Cross insurance and the state insurance Medicaid.  Medicaid refused to pay for a transplant. Because my wife got so sick over next few months, she was in and out the hospital for weeks at a time. I ended up losing my job and our insurance.  Now all the tests and medicines are out of pocket expenses.  It has put a financial burden on our family.  We are currently behind on most of all basic everyday living expenses. I never thought things would get this bad, but it has. I’m reaching out to everyone to ask for help to get my wife the transplant she needs. Please donate this worthy cause. Thank you and my family thanks you also


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