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Serina is loved by anyone fortunate enough to experience her soul, smile and an energy that makes you feel happy to be alive.
Serina has been battling cancer since August of 2010. After multiple recurrences, it has now spread to her lungs, liver, spine, adrenal glands, and most recently her left eye. With over 20 surgeries, multiple rounds of chemo, and multiple radiation regimens, cancer has devastated Serina financially. She has been paying extensive medical costs for the past 11 years without ever asking for help until now. She is a 42-year-old single woman that should be overflowing with blessings because that’s what she is to SO many.
Recently, she was approved for intervention with hopes to regain her health and save her life. This is where her angels come in. Serina does not have the means (nor would most) to cover the expenses related to this hopeful lifesaving cause.
These are difficult times for so many. If you’re not able to give, perhaps you can share this link and put Serina in your prayers. Her faith remains strong and she appreciates all the prayers, support, encouragement, and love.
We all need each other and we never know when it will be our turn to need to graciously receive. Serina has always been the first to give to others when they are in need and now it’s our opportunity to come together as her “Hope Team” to help her receive the treatment that she so desperately needs.

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