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  • Heather is my bf of over 30 yrs we met at 18 yrs old. Heather recently had two strokes one following the other. It affected her entire body & she is partially paralyzed on right side. Seeing her daily pain is on some days more than I can handle. I am also disabled so I can’t just go out make more money & help this situation every single day Heather cries about pain about worry, financial,  her health is slowly deteriorating & we need to be able to see specialist but that cost money. She has terrible insurance right now & won’t have Medicare until may of 2024. Heather was a nurse who took care of the homeless, elderly people, blind, and prisoners, people no one wanted to work with. Really in need. Since the strokes she has sadly become so depressed, & discouraged & won’t leave the house cause of the 18 stairs to get down it.  When she does I have to get her to the ground & she needs to shimmy on her but down each stair. Bathing and not having a handicapped house has made this so hard. I am desperate to get help for Heather. I don’t know what to do but to ask for people’s kindness & love as she did for people for 17 yrs. The day-to-day struggles of a person who lived through two strokes is debilitating. I am choosing to do this for the obvious we all need help from time to time. But this is different she can’t help herself & is dependent on others for donations so she can take those donations & get essentials she needs a new walker with a seat on it that fits through doors so I can push her around house. Lately it’s just bed & bathroom . We desperately need to move to a place with a walk in shower. She can’t lift her leg high enough & every time it’s time to shower it’s the most stressed out thing we do. Besides stairs once every 4 months ( she only goes out if she has to.) my health is failing & I am all she has. I can’t be a 24/7 caretaker, I need others to come in and help. We both feel like in our own way we are being punished. This is extremely hard to ask for help. Heather rarely does social media. Please help. She is one of the kindest people I know. & I want this to be such a caring positive experience for her. At this point sadly I’m not asking I’m begging because she deserves this help.
    thank you so much
  • & God bless her Bf always Lisa.

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