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My son, Lance Beeman, is enduring quite a hardship and needs some encouragement and help.  He broke his right foot and needs surgery.  Yes we have  insurance but we have a $4,000 deductible (He is on his parent’s insurance).  He was to start a new job 2 days after he broke his foot.  His previous employer did not uphold their agreement to full-time work, pay increase in 2 months and an apartment. Therefore he had to find other employment to pay his bills.  Fortunately, his new employer is holding his job until he is released from the doctor to work.  However, he has no income until then.  He is in school studying to be a Mortician, has his CDL license and working towards a mechanics certification.  He is a hard working, caring young man.  He broke his foot while helping out with our church youth group.  Fortunately a family donated one of those knee scooters for him to be able to get around.  Due to his shoulder surgery a year ago, his shoulder is quite strong enough to take on crutches.  He is not eligible for short-term disability or unemployment.  He needs help to get through the next two months.  His Dad and I are doing our best to stay on top of everything but we have our own medical issues and bills to pay for and don’t have enough to cover it all.  We are praying that this reaches enough caring individuals to assist Lance through his surgery and recovery time so he can get back on his feet.

Blessings to you,

Concerned Mom

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