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We are so close to the goal!! Only $833 to go!

I am awaiting a change to the target dollar amount … However you can still donate here to help us reach the last $833 Father William needs.

A BIG Thank you to the Resurrection Parish in Maryland. They did the most part and now we just need your help to complete this project so father can get the keys!

My name is Sarah McClellan. I am a member of the Our Lady of the Greenwood Parish in Indianapolis, Indiana. I met Father Willaim Cleto through his brother Felix Cleto online. Over the years I have sent rosaries, cameras, & various items to them at Guide Radio in Uganda where Felix often volunteers. I have received many pictures of Father William and his brother Felix handing all the things out to their communities and churches. 

Please help support father William and the people he serves. 


If you are uncomfortable using the give tax free . org website which I assure you is very secure you can also donate to my BY LLC pay pal link or contact me through the website and I can accept any form of payment from check to cash app or Venmo and more.

Pay pal is not a tax-deductible link = https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/SarahMcClellan

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