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Our $9,000 Goal will address a combination of our four projects. The first goal we would like to focus on is to provide transportation to Father Bwambale William Cleto from the Uganda, Kasese Diocese. 

Kasese is a young Diocese with few clergy and the ministry is immense​ He says “My prayer is for a swift means of transport. Our parishes are large here with 52 small churches in one pariah. The distance from one church to the other is long. I am chaplain to 10 schools and 5 institutions. I have to move a great distance to administer anointing of the sick. I feel a swift means of transport is urgent”

He also says “For years I’ve been diligently saving little by little. but have not saved near enough so far” and that “Your support and prayers are paramount”

His hopes are for a Toyota Wish or similar type of vehicle because it consumes less fuel and has space to carry people and/or supplies to and from the community. The cost of such a vehicle (he explains) is about $6,800

Any additional funds raised by this campaign will be used to send a missionary to complete the transaction and achieve the goal. Beyond that, we will fill the vehicle with supplies for the communities he serves.

We want every project to be financially transparent and effective. Every donation will be tracked through this side and photos plus videos of the end result to be delivered to each and every one of our donors for each project they contribute to! Our goal is that you will know where your money went!

Please help support Father William Cleto & the people he serves in the Uganda, Kasese Diocese 

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