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Felix Uganda Plea:

Gabriel’s Plea:

My name is Adeyemo Gabriel from Ilorin a local town in kwara state Nigeria. I am a Christian and a propagator of the gospel of Christ here in Nigeria, I am also a student. I have a mother who is old and jobless and my dad passed away. Since he passed away things have been difficult, feeding, shelter, and paying school fees has been difficult as unemployment is a big problem here in Nigeria. I do a little handwork but it couldn’t meet my needs as it is underpay and also casual. I couldn’t pay my school fees, feed myself and my old mum. Currently in my country Nigeria we are having great economy crisis and great inflation which has put us in hunger neither am I able to pay my school fees. This is the address of my locality where I live No. 102 Sobi Road Ilorin Kwara state, Nigeria it is a Muslim dominated place and the inflation here is great likewise poverty due to the situation of the country. I am using this medium to seek the help of brethren across the world to help financially so I could get food, shelter and pay my school fees as it has been difficult to achieve all these. Also, I don’t want to be jobless as unemployment is rife here in Nigeria I wish to start a mini business so that it can serve as a source of income for my feeding, shelter and school fees hopefully and believing the Lord enlarge it. Please any amount of donation would be appreciated praying the Lord reward you in folds. I would be glad if my request is accepted. Thanks.

Photo Gabriel and his town:


Gideon’s preface:

Hello this is Gideon Wubnehs (from Ethiopia) Plea. He is writing about his mother Bethlehem (pictured below) and their family. He wrote this from his mothers perspective on her behalf. He is her care taker and their family is in need of aid. 

Gideon’s Plea:

“If you learn of someone else’s need, do you ask yourself whether you can be God’s Means of meeting that need? Matt Martens “But whoever has this world’ good, and sees his brother have need, and shuts up his bowels of compassion from him, how dwells the love of God in him?” — 1Jn 3:17 (AKJV)

I am a single mother with eight children, living in a rent house, having no constant income. I used to take care of my family by selling handy works by moving from place to place searching for customers, now as I’m severely sick having non-curable and multiple treatable diseases but expensive one to retain health care treatments which I’ll pass from mentioning for the fear of discrimination and isolation also to use my space concisely. Now I’m at a point where I am barely able to move, I spent most of my days battling my illness with out no treatments, and powerless to provide for my family and soon we are being warned by our land lord that we will be removed by force if we’re not able to pay our rent, and time is running out before I get a medical treatment and miss the chance of leaving my kids parentless. I want ask for your charity, and compassion to help get my medical treatment, while supporting me to have a constant place where I will be able to sell my handyworks and provide for my family. God bless, and much Love. Numbers 6:24-26 – The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.

Photo Gideon’s Mother. 


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