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This month I was diagnosed with a mass in my right kidney it is causing me severe health  75% of kidney masses found our cancerous, and if it’s not removed before cancer spreads to the lungs, the patient dies. I’m trying to get the money together for an elective kidney removal surgery so that I can avoid dying from cancer at the young age of 32 I currently do.    I currently live in Modesto, California, and I am being treated in Stockton I only have a few weeks before the kidney Mass came to the test size in my lungs, please, anything you can do is appreciated I haven’t even become a mother yet I’ve never been married, and I want to experience life. I am only 32 years old, and I’ve just lost my father in December I really don’t have much help, and this is the type of situation that I am forced now to ask for help for I need to get the surgery done so that I don’t watch my mass go for my kidney to my lungs and then spread to my bone it’s extremely painful to deal with and I am doing my very best to tolerate it but there comes the point where you have to ask for help, so here I am anything you can do is appreciated

No matter what happens, I am grateful that you took the time to read this, and I can only pray that one day I can help someone else just like me.


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