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As most of you know, Garry Bridges has stage 3 Lung Cancer and has started the treatment process. While going through treatments he is unable to work so has no income at the moment. He is in need of funds to help cover day to day necessities, monthly bills, travel expenses, medical bills, etc.

He will be going through 6 weeks of Chemo and Radiation (almost to the end of week 2) and then will be accessed for the very good possibility of surgery to remove the tumors. He will then follow up surgery with another round of Chemo and Radiation. He is looking at being out of work for at least the next 8 months to a year according to his doctors.

While some of you have already made monetary donations to the donation jars located in Valdez, and we thank you and appreciate you immensely, there are some that are not local that would like to make donations. After some research I found this to be the best site to go through.

If you can and are able to please make a donation to Garry to help him in Kicking the Big C in the ass!!!

Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers.


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