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Kelly Kirkpatrick, a warm and generous member of our community and IAA assembly creating a powerful influence of peace in the world, has been diagnosed with a large cancerous tumor in his abdomen and must travel to and stay at the Mayo Clinic to receive repeated chemotherapy and rehabilitation treatments. He is in great need of donations to cover medical expenses, food & housing, and transportation as well as Ayurvedic treatments to heal from the chemo. We estimate the need to be approximately $25,000 at this time. However, every dollar adds up, and if we all give something, whatever you feel guided to give, perhaps we can help save Kelly’s life. Thank you for your love, your compassion and your generosity. Donations are tax deductible.

From friend Dick Arnold:

Support for our dedicated Sidha, Kelly Kirkpatrick who is seriously ill

Kelly has been both deeply devoted to attending the Super Radiance program in the Dome and has consistently worked hard to inspire others to attend. He was rounding on the Invincible America Assembly from day one.  Kelly has been helping our community for years and now is the time for our community to help him.
Kelly has serious intestinal cancer. He needs alternative medical care, better housing, paid professional care givers, a Maharishi Yagya for heath, and funds to support him as he can no longer work. $25,000 is needed.
Please open your heart and your pocket to Kelly today. 

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