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11 year old Kaylee Sass was born with a rare genetic disorder that has caused her pancreas to attack and deteriorated self. Kaylee suffers on a daily basis with chronic pain. Kaylee has been admitted over 15 times some resulting in months at a time. Kaylee’s Christmas wish is to get her transplant and we need your help to make her wish come true!!  We have finally found a facility that can help save Kaylees life. Kaylees pancreatitis is getting worse and soon she won’t have a pancreas left. If the pancreas deteriorates much further she will not be eligible for the procedure. If that islet cells get damaged before we can remove the pancreas then we will not have any hope for any other procedure. Pancreatitis very commonly turns into pancreatic cancer. This procedure would not only allow Kaylee to live a pain-free life but prevent her from having to face even harder preventable battles in the future. The procedure that Kaylee is getting will remove the pancreas and take the healthy cells that are left and inject them into the liver this is called a total pancreatectomy with islet cell transplant. There are many videos on YouTube that can show details if you’re interested in learning more. Kaylee, like all of their children, deserve to live a happy and healthy life. During this time we are raising money to assist in paying the household bills for the family so Mom and Dad can be by her side without having to worry about financial burdens. The stress of a major surgery itself is enough! Kaylee’s recovery time will be very long and extensive so we are trying to raise money for approximately three months of household bills for the family! Let’s pull together and help this little girl get her Christmas wish!!!!

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