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Josh is the love and light of my life and so many others. We found out June 2021, he had stage 3b colon cancer. He had his sigmoid colon removed. He had a 5cm tumor in it. This was a start of a very long battle. He did 12 rounds of chemo. December 17 2021, he ring he bell. We thought we had beat cancer. They did a C.T, THEY saw what they thought was a shadow on his liver. I was not satisfied with that answer. I wanted them to do a Pet scan, they said their was no need.   We moved on. He brought Kenworth T680 his dream. He has been a truck driver for 23 year, for the first time own his own truck and trailer. (making payments). So happy. Then last May, a pain in his side was making it nearly impossible for him to get in and out of the truck. I called  Winship Cancer institute. It was a long wait. They got him in for a Pet scan December 16, 2022. December 19,2022. We got results colon cancer had metastasized  Stage 4 liver cancer. They told us the shadow Gainesville showed was the start of this. It could have been stopped. There were treatment options at that stage. There are no treatment options for this stage. It is terminal. He was given two years. That is no longer the case. Chemo has stopped working. He was doing chemo for time. He is going to try to do chemo until September. They are going to see if they have slowed the growth of any of his tumors.  He is in a lot of pain. The doctors are two hours from home. I do not work. I have my own health issues.

Josh is 46 year old. We were supposed to grow old together. This is the hardest walk of my life. I love him with all my heart. We all are wanting more time. Him to be out pain or at least a little control. We would like to try a Celiac Plexus Block. Insurance is giving us a hard time. Study show 9 out 10 people experience significant pain reduction or after procedure none at all. Also could lower the dose of morphine and oxy. He could be less drowsy, have a better quality of life.

We also have a housing issue. Our retaining wall is falling. Crawl space is filling up with water. Our roof was on recall, we didn’t know it. So we didn’t get in the replacement program. We need to make our bathroom handicap accessible. He has caught his feet on the tub trying to get in. He has no balance and is dizzy a lot.

If you help we greatly appreciate it. Thank you for taking the time read our story.



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