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Jenn is my Granddaughter. She had a very tough life growing up and left home when she only was 17. She only has a high school education and jobs have been tough, even though she has managed to work two jobs to make ends meet. She has a 5 yr. old son she is raising by herself without any child  support. She has put her child first, he has Asthma and other breathing issues. this meant she left herself and her health issues last. That is why her teeth are now starting to break off in her mouth.  She has seen a dentist and he has given her the estimate of $10,000.00 to have the root canals etc. and other work done. There is no way she can pay that amount. On top of all this she just recently was laid off from her employement!  Please, please help in any way you can. It will be oh so greatly appreciated..

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