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I recently discovered I have had a long term infection in my jaw under an old root-canal that require special extraction and grafts. These funds will be used to accomplish this with a Dentist specialized in this field. My Doctor and I are hopeful that this help resolves some serious longterm health problems that we had not been able to solve. This is an area that is a mystery to most of the medical field as the symptoms of such issues are broad and often times different from case to case, but I was fortunate enough to meet someone who has somewhat similar issues to me that was able to resolve them after finding and removing an infection in an old root canal they had so after having specialized 3D imaging done it was confirmed that I have had an infection in my jaw for many years that could be a root cause in a myriad of health problems. Thank you to those who help pay for this important work to be done. I have lived with extreme pain on an regular basis for many years now and I hope that this is the answer to eliminating most of the odd symptoms I have been having for the better part of a decade now. The $6,800 cover all the dental work including having my tooth sent to a lab to see exactly what microbes my Doctor will need to treat me for. The person who told me about this being an issue for them has since made a full recovery and regained the ability to live a normal life. I hope that my story will have the same conclusion to close this chapter of illness and pain so that I can live an active and unencumbered life with my wonderful family.


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