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My name is Eugene. I was a hard-working Uber driver. On April 12th, at 830 pm, I stopped at a BP gas station on Lee st in the west end of Atlanta, GA. I decided to use my debit card to pay for gas so that I could continue my night driving for Uber. I have diabetes and a few other ailments that limit what I’m able to do as far as working to provide for myself. Driving for uber was a Godsend . I started pumping my gas. Two young men started arguing. Gun shots started, and i dove to the ground. I was shot in the eye while on the ground. I lost all sight in my eye. Please help, GOD BLESS. My life has been a struggle to survive ever since I suffered the catastrophic injury. I pray that God will  use the generosity of man to send me a helping hand, as a result of this tragic event. The police stated that there was over 20 shots fired that night. I was the only one injured. It has been a hard journey, learning to live with one eye. The hardeset part i knowing i was a innocent bystander, having nothing to do with the dispute the young men were having. Many say life can be unfair. For me, that’s an understatement. Through my faith in God, I have tried to move on with my life. I need a miracle, and I hope this platform can answer my prayers. Thank you for your help.


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