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This is me prior to the total loss of my hair

The shock came when the diagnosis of Metastatic Breast Cancer hit me like a brick. I thought I had the worst thing happen to me 12 years ago when a surgeon paralyzed me, I thought for good.  I eventually learned to walk again, but it was not easy.  I was initially paralyzed for over a few weeks and had to have surgery after surgery.  A screw that was suppose to go to bone to bone, was not long enough and therefore went through my muscle and resulted in permanent nerve damage.  That was hard enough, then in 2024 I could not believe another punch in the gut.  Metastatic Breast Cancer (Stage 3) Her II, ERCP negative. I already needed help into the tub, while sitting on a chair to be able to bathe.  Now what, weakness needing Chemotherapy, followed up by surgery, then Radiation.  “At least a year,” my Oncologist said, along with a lifetime of treatment.  We live in a two story home with bathtub/shower facility.  Unfortunately, it has come to a time where we need a shower only on the first floor where I reside.  I cannot do steps regularly, as my nerve damage is not only severe, but since I have to have chemotherapy, the challenge is even more difficult.  My husband had planned to have a total knee replacement, as he is a carpenter, and no longer perform major labor as his bone on bone.  He has decided to put it off due to my diagnosis.  He would due all of the labor at no cost but is unable to due so.  Because of the tile in the bathroom, it causes major remodeling.  The tile on the walls and the floor will have to be totally removed and since my wheelchair has to fit into a doorway, we have to place beams in a weight bearing wall to allow for the proper upgrades.  My husband will do the tile that is required but cannot do the lower portion of the shower and floors.  He has many subcontractors that will do the work at their cost due to the situation and his relationship with them.  We figure with all of the work that has to be done that the cost will be between $25,000 to $30,000.  This includes moving closets and doors to be ADA approved, moving and installing vanity, installing beams to hold up a weight bearing walls, moving the water closet to allow easy access. Believe me, I do not want to ask for anything.  If we had the funds to be able to complete the project, there is no way I would ever ask.  The weakness of my leg along with the gut wrenching diagnosis, the weakness continues to continues to increase.  Thank you for your consideration and life changing possibility.  Unfortunately, the economy and the costs of all of the chemo treatments makes it impossible at this time.  I will be forever grateful for whatever I can be donated.  Thank you for listening to my story.  Karen Schmidt


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