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Handover of 88,000 doses of Vitamin Supplements

We are called Rivers of Living Water Mission, a nonprofit organization registered under the Registrar of Societies ACT of Zambia with registration number ORS/102/6619857.

The organization is a ministry of the Commission of Ministers Network, an IRS-approved 501 (c) (3). For more information,

Please visit the following website: www.cmnetwork.org/cmn-ministers-n-r/rivers-of-living-water-missions/.

Among the organization’s purposes and objectives is to share the love of God through the distribution of foodstuffs, clothing, economic advancement, Bibles and biblical literature, and medical equipment and supplies to government clinics and hospitals.

We are in partnership with Vitamin Angels from the United States. They provide us with Vitamin A, Albendazole (Deworming) for under five babies, and MMS (Multiple Micronutrient Supplements) for pregnant mothers. We currently assist about 5,000 under-five children and 400 pregnant mothers in the Ndeke Village community through Ndeke Village hospital.

In light of this, we are humbly asking you to support us financially by shipping donated motor vehicles from Japan to Zambia. We plan to reach out to rural parts of the country with food and nutrition, and vitamin supplements.


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