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My name is Shelley,

I have had a rather serious incident in which everything that I own in my home, and my car was lost.
I was moving to a new location driving a small rental truck. My car was being towed on the back.
The truck broke down. I called the moving company\\\’s
roadside assistance. They were busy,and I waited for several hours.
That was one month ago,and it still is not resolved.
I have contacted corporate headquarters,and am working to get resolution from them.
I have consulted with an attorney and was given as much help as he could give me without a retainer.
I am 65 years old starting over in a new town,and I live alone. I am basically without a household, a car in a desert environment. At the end of the day, I was left with the clothes on my back.I have borrowed a chair and a small table and two lamps,and a borrowed blow up bed.
This is a humbling experience.
Any financial contributions greatly appreciated.
I am very am grateful to have an apartment, and a roof over my head.
At this point I have consulted with an attorney, and will continue to talk to the corporate headquarters until this is resolved.
Thank you for your consideration, and any donation that you can afford. I am so appreciative of that.

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