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Hi My name is christine.  I am 57 and was diagnosed with TNBC Breast cancer that was moving quickly.  I was at stage 3 grade 3 by the time I got started on chemo. I had a large tumor in my right breast and a small one in my right lymph node.  Luckily for me that was perfect timing.  I have been on Chemo for 6 months now and I am responding  well.  The tumor has shrunk and my oncologist and I am sure I could beat this.  Now we have to leave the home we live in because the bank wants it back.   I dont have any family or income as of yet.  I am waiting on my disabilty to be approved. It is sitting in a medical approval state at the moment and I am sure it wont get here in time,  We only have until Aug. 5th to be out of the house.  With my energy levels being so low and my inability to be in the sun, I am starting to fear what could happen.  I dont think they will do surgery on a person if they dont have a place to recover.   I have allready started moving my things into a small storage shed.  I really dont know how all of this stress will effect my outcome, but it is the stress they warn me to avoid.  I just wish I could have enough money to get into a studio or a one bedroom and then I could take it from there.



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