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I have started this in hopes I am able to raise enough money to pay for some kind of funeral service and cremation for Hunny Tice. Hunny had so many people in her life family and friends that cared for her but like many of us these days the funds are hard to come by. Hunny deserves to have a good resting place and a way for us all to be able to say goodbye to a person with a big heart and kind soul. Hunny’s story should have come to such an abrupt end especially when she had so many years left. Though we have all seen Happy days in Hunny’s past she seemed to have been struggling since Robert passed and more so in the last year. I can’t say it was due to 1 thing or many in her life, but I know many of us endured seeing her not herself but we didn’t know how to help. She found some happiness for a time with Hammer but that only turned to more heartache for someone with so much love to give. Hunny was there to help her friends the best she could and she was always willing to help anyone that asked. I know Hunny was known by many in the Portland area for different reasons but regardless of how you met or why you knew Hunny we all are glad we knew her and no matter how long or how short of time you knew her it always felt like you had known her your whole life. She never judged a person before getting to know them herself and she respected anyone that had respect for her. Hunny deserves the respect and care she showed so many in life and we can all do this by giving her a wonderful service to wish her the best in whatever comes next. I can only hope she has found someone she has longed to be reunited with since he left her a few years ago and she is happy again.


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