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My name is Danielle, I’m 33 years old

I’m an left leg upper hip amputee, I had cancer when I was 6 months old and stayed in hospital till 2 years old when leg was amputated, I have severe hearing loss, slow hair growth, eye sight, from all the meds and chemo (radiation, steroids, 8 to 10 meds a day )I was given, been bullied and many death of love ones, so many surgeries and blood transfusions

The reason I’m writing this asking for help, I cannot work due to my leg, my deafness  medical insurance, and I recently had heart surgery, I’m in little bit of debt that I’m desperately paying every month.  With the cost of the debt I am having trouble paying my living expenses.   I received benefits like Social Security but it isn’t enough for my living situation. I really dream of being happy ( I have depression and anxiety that will always be w me but with ur help it can ease the stress) I am hoping to receive help from good people and help me relieve the stress and help build my credit.  I am truly grateful, it will help me look forward to a better life and hope to have my own home. People say I’m a miracle, sometimes I agree and disagree cuz of daily pains but Iam grateful to be alive

Kisses to you all


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