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A young mother could use a hand in getting her health back. Lindsey Hall, now age 36, was diagnosed with Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Cancer on February 27, 2020.  Due to the aggressive nature of her cancer, she quickly underwent surgery, having the Whipple Procedure.  Due to the extremely rare type of cancer she had, Lindsey stayed about two weeks in the hospital and was sent home with a feeding tube.  Lindsey’s loving husband Phillip cared for her once she was home.  During her recovery her feeding tube came out.  Lindsey went back to the hospital, turns out the feeding tube was not working.  She got down to 90 lbs during this struggle.  Test results then determined that she had peritonitis.  But ever since struggling with cancer and after having this Whipple procedure, Lindsey has had trouble digesting food.  She is in immense pain every single time she eats. Lindsey is a nurse and was able to return to work for about a year until her body would no longer tolerate the daily activity.  Lindsey has returned to see multiple doctors numerous times.  She has had many tests.  The doctors tried to do an ERCP test but they were unable to access her pancreatic duct due to her anatomy change after this Whipple Procedure.  She was then sent to a specialist for another ERCP test and the opening to her duct was completely covered with scar tissue.  The duct was opened back up but her symptoms did not improve.  Since then she has been in and out of the hospital numerous times and has underwent another two surgeries.  Her health is still declining.  Lindsey has been in the hospital with pancreatitis two times in the last three months and local doctors cannot seem to figure out why. Lindsey has been referred to the Mayo clinic in Rochester, MN.  She has an appointment May 18th.  She is required to have $5000.00 up front to get the testing and care at Mayo.  She is a young mother of four beautiful children.  Lindsey and her husband Phillip volunteer their time to our local peewee football program.  She is also currently in the process of finishing nursing school to become an RN.  She is an empath and would give you the shoes off her feet if she knew you needed them.  We are praying that we can raise the funds to get her the help she needs so that she can have quality of life again.  Her family needs her. Thank you so much for reading.  Please pray for my dear friend. Please help get Lindsey to Mayo!


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