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How my life has changed over the years I have always been the mother that was crazy for her kids I never thought of over the past years my life has become a nightmare but when I started the heartache I have always been a good person I don’t know if I loved my kids too much are what I was always the mother at the school. I was a mother of 4 boys but unfortunately, on 08/07/2005 I lost my 14-year-old to a drunk driver He and his friends were all killed that night changed my life. I ask God why he take my baby from me but I had to pray harder to understand. I was broken down. I had to look at my baby laying I buried my baby boy but god gave me strength .that day I new I was  not gone be ok but I made it thru but the next year my second to the oldest was killed lord why is  I am  loosing my kids is it me are u sparing my life for something I have never gotten to no what was going on so one day a woman told me baby you are blessed but I want to no how she said u have fault  bat5tle most women have not came thru I ask why u say that she aid baby one day you will find out  I am a grandmother of 6 my son left me 3 kids i love dearly they gave me a surprise 50th last year I cried this year I turned 51 in June I was happy July I had my annual mammogram do9ctors told me I had a lump I didn’t understand but when I got thru with everything I was told i had breast cancer i cried some more asking god why me I am a good person what I did I do but thru it all when I went to the cancer doctor she said u gone be ok we caught it early i smiled I cried I thought of what I was told lord u re my father I have been through so much I am being tested I no but I just want to live take care of my grandkid I am asking for you all prayers that I keep my faith I am fighting this battle I am gone fight this battle I\’m a survivor but with help I think I can have a start faith ….                                                           .


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