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My lifelong struggle with drug and alcohol addiction has recently took a serious turn for the worst. Never more in my life did I want to seek help willingly I want to change my life from the inside out before I don’t have a life to change. The Homes Of Grace is a faith based drug and alcohol recovery center located in Vancleave, MS. This program has a VERY high success rate,it works for those who choose to work it. That would be me. My wife and  family deserve better from me. I have had more than enough chances to “prove” myself and have failed them miserably. Hancock County,MS has the highest percentage of kids in foster care in the nation. My two daughters are now part of those statistics and that my friends is something that cannot and will not remain the same. I have a plan of action that starts with this rehab and is followed by  getting my driving privileges reinstated,then with those privileges become once again one of the most determined welders on the east side of the Mississippi River. I have exactly 11 months to complete these tasks before child protective services permanently take custody of my children. I am currently sober and pursuing these goals,I have a plan, i have the willingness, I have the faith and love it will take to succeed. I DO NOT HAVE the money.

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