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It’s hard to try and find a place whenever my current car is broken down, since April 1,2024. I will be getting surgery done this month. This apartment has so many repairs that needs work done. Even through the landlord knows about it, and they refuse to do the work. Just found out about a month or so ago that the landlords that bought this property on back taxes. Never register the property as a rental. They have recieved all the rent and never did any repairs or kept up with the bills.  Do to the nature of my current/ex landlord, not maitaining the up keep and paying the monthly bills. I have paid the shut off notices in the past to keep them on. Its hard to maintain all of his shut off notice whenever your on small income. As of June 2024, I have been looking for a safe home and I have been in contact with current and local agencies to help get a place and so far no place. Plus it’s hard to get a place whenever no landlords is willing to rent to you and allow you to keep your pets. Trying to get to places is hard, but I manage to get to the local agencies by walking.  This has been very stressful for my family and I. I have alot on my mind trying to get my car up and running, finding a place that will accept my pets and facing the facts that i will be needing surgery and will be out of work for i don’t know how long.  It’s hard struggling to make ends meets. Anything that you can offer will help.  I’m asking for your help.


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