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hello, my name is tim creegan 3months ago i was diagnosed with stomach cancer . i have been getting chemo once a week on wednesday the copay is $350.00 every week, and radiation every day, that cost is $3200.00 every day. my insurance pays half of that{ my insurance stinks}. i am going to have to have surgery to remove most of my stomach and they want $2500.00 down. i didnt ask for this cancer im sure no one ever does. and it really sucks! this has been the hardest thing to endure in my life, people are constantly telling me to be positive but unless they’ve ever had this terrible sickness they dont understand what people go through. ive lost 48 lbs in two months and cant eat nothing but jello,pudding,nutrition drinks, i cannot tolerate any solid food because of the pain. i read and talk to people that have had to go through this for years and honestly dont think i could do that it is so dang tough! i have gone through every penny of my savings and can only work two days a week and most of the days only a couple of hours. any assistance would be so greatly appreciated! God Bless !


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