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We are asking for help for Maddie, she is Donna’s service dog.  She is a female Boston Terrier, she has gotten and injury to her Right eye, how we do not know.  After several attempts of which we were not able to come up with the funding,  necessary for her to have the emergency surgery and treatments.  We are asking for your help. She is a one of a kind dog. she has already saved her (disabled owners) life at least or twice.  She’s a very smart dog, kind and wonderful.  We know for some,  that this may seam little and that she is just a per, but to us, she is family.  Donna-her owner is Disabled, with a lot of medical issues (Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, along with several mini strokes & concussions.) and Maddie has been able to detect when these disability’s are acting up which she helps Donna react appropriately so she can do her job.  Maddie is a remarkable dog she taught herself to recognize Donna’s Diabetes which the fir time we figured out she knew Donna’s sugars in Donna had fallen asleep on the sofa and Maddie started nudging her and when Donna finally realized her phone was beeping and when Donna checked her sugar it was only 30 which for ones who don’t know that was dangerously low.

We are asking out of the goodness and kindness of your heart – if you can help us raise the funds to help pay for her treatments and her surgery.

Thanks for your time in reading our note

Donna Cassity


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