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Here is some info on my cancer.

Carcinoid tumor, also called neuroendocrine tumor, is a rare type of tumor that usually grows slowly.

Carcinoid tumors are a heterogeneous group of tumors that can arise in different areas of the body. They are considered cancerous, but often take years to develop. You may have a carcinoid tumor for many years and never know it. However, some carcinoid tumors can be fast-growing. In rare cases, usually after a carcinoid tumor has spread, one may experience carcinoid syndrome — a result of hormones secreted by this tumor.  I didn’t catch mind until it was Stage 4 It started off feeling as my body was on fire all the time  Then I experienced the rise and fall of my blood pressure  once it progressed I started having faint episodes  During this time I lost over 100 lbs  I became so ill I was in the bed or a wheelchair before my surgery   Ihave countless surgeries  They started with removing part of my intestine, removing my gall bladder and part of my liver  Each day is a struggle I also have compromised breathing because during my surgery my lung collapsed  the hardest part of fighting this disease is not being able interact with family  With all the doctors visits I had to see   I have now over $136,000 in medical bills due to fact of how cancer has affected me it doesn’t allow me to work a full time job  im not asking for help for it but any help will do  Please consider donating to me I greatly appreciate it


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