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Hello! My name is Gabriela Rodriguez, I am Honduran, 32 years old. I came to United States to teach children in a tier 1 school. I am a woman of faith and I know God Is in control of his situation and my whole life. I am a teacher; I had been teaching for 15 years and if you ask me, it never feels like job when I am in the classroom. I love teaching! I love to have the possibility of changing little children mind, to be able to affect them in a positive way and make them dream of a successful life. ┬áTeaching is a job that requires passion and a lot of extra hours. I quit my job because of health reason, since I was a teenager, I had been struggling with some diseases. My heart beats super-fast because I have a murmur in the heart and my heart size is bigger than normal people which makes me have a lot of energy but also affects me in the way I develop my emotions. I shouldn’t get depressed or too stress because I can have a heart attack, which was what happened to me. I was hospitalized for three weeks and since I quit my job, I don’t have any health insurance to help me or provide me with money to pay the bills that arose during this time. I have several bills pending and I still can’t work. If you can help me like 10 dollars, 5 or whatever, I’ll really appreciate it. THANK YOU!


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