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hello my name is kami and I need help I am a struggling dog mom I’m behind on rent lost my job and waiting for unemployment  which takes three weeks  so that means three weeks with no pay so I’m trying my best to try  and not feel down about  my situation I’m searching for a new job  the worst thing I don’t want to have to do is give my  dog up just because of hard times right now he would never leave me so I’m trying to do everything right by him  I will be using  the money donated to me to get caught up on rent so me and my dog will still have a place  to live I’m behind on 2 months   rent is 860 I owe  1,720 that i will need to be all the way caught up anything helps and i appreciate anyone that wants to help my direct line to  get the whole story  you guy can text me on my email  kamimcardle17@gmail.com



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