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So as those of you closer to Brett and myself may know, we recently had a roommate leave on very short notice.

To keep things brief, since our leasing office isn’t the best, aforementioned roommate had not signed the lease, and is not legally obligated to pay us anything. Aside from legal obligation, they weren’t moved to give us any kind of money towards our incoming rent, nor utilities they had used in the past month.

With deposits for both utilities and gas incoming, this upcoming month will be especially difficult for Brett and myself. While we’re doing our best to pick up where we can, it doesn’t fix the more immediate and impending need that rent presents, particularly with our own bills, personal expenses, and groceries to pay for.

Any and all funds will go towards our rent and utilities. This is a bit out of our comfort zone for both of us, but we need as much help as we can get.

If you can’t afford to help, sharing will still help us tremendously!

We appreciate you, and your time!


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