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Hi I’m 57 year old male my wife is 54.she has MS.a little about her.she has a college education and worked for the fed.gov for 25 years.she worked at the pentagon in wash. DC.she was there when 911 happened.in 2006 she was confirmed to have ms.she started out with a cane then a walker now  it’s 2017 she can’t walk at all.i help her do everything from brushing her teeth to bathing her,which is very hard because I’m on permanent disability also myself.ive had 2 back surgeries I have a degenerate back disease.we both use to work and she was the bigger bread winner so when she went out on disability in 2011 our finances made a major turn.i kept trying to work but between all my physical pain and trying to care for her it got harder and harder to do but I’m trying.we have a high rent still to pay medical bills,irs bills,co payments,medication bills.we actually have more bills the income and I can see her getting sicker cause it’s so hard.i even thought if I died maybe she will get a little from life insurance but then no one would be around to take up care of her.she need adult diapers,lotions,special creams to prevent bed soars.sometime we don’t have but $50 after bills to buy food for both of us.she is a very very nice person and it hurt so bad watching her suffer.if I was disable myself I’ll work as many jobs as it take to take care of her but I can’t work.she normally stay in bed all day.i cook for here,clean,just everything.if there’s anyone out there that can help us please help cause I would do anything to help her be comfortable cause I’m scared she might die one day cause it’s too hard on us but we trying.if I can get help maybe I can do something to help someone else.im a strong man but even I need help now so I’m asking can someone please help us.we also have proof of our medical records.

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