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My name is Roger Morrison, and I am fundraising for medical expenses. I found out that I have stage 3 cancer in August 2022. This fundraiser will help me with all the costs that insurance will not cover. I am appealing to the good nature of those who can help me and my wife, Eleanor.
On August 8th, I worked a full 12-hour shift at work. I came home from work and passed almost a pint of blood. I felt normal, but I knew something was not right. The following morning I drove to the emergency to be checked out. The ER signed me into the hospital, and I was given a Colonoscopy. This procedure found a mass the size of a golf ball in my colon. The doctor explained that a team of surgeons would have to remove the mass, which included a quarter of my colon, then send it out for a biopsy on August 10th.
On August 17th, I was released from the hospital. The pain was at an acceptable level. Then on August 22nd, I saw one of the surgeons, Dr. Pasquariello, for a follow-up visit and to have the staples removed. Dr. Pasquariello explained that I couldn’t return to work until maybe early to mid-October. He also explained that the biopsy came back and that I had Stage 3 Cancer. And that I would have to start Chemotherapy every two weeks for approximately six months. He recommended Dr. Agrawal. I saw Dr. Agrawal (an Oncology doctor), who set up testing that will show how much cancer I have. He had Dr. Pasquariello put a Chemo Port in me for the Chemotherapy. I am awaiting the insurance company to approve the scan to move forward with the Chemotherapy treatment. I discovered that the company I work for would cancel my insurance unless I made $221.00 monthly payments to continue my insurance.
The Chemotherapy, which will be about 24 treatments, can get very costly, a little over $2,000 per treatment. Between what I currently owe and what is coming in, I desperately need your donations in our trying times. I would like to donate whatever is left over after these treatments are complete to Deborah Hospital in Browns Mill, New Jersey.
Please include my wife and me in your prayers if you have read this and cannot donate. And please pass this on or post it on social media. Thank you…

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