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About me: Hi, my name is Miriam. I have a rare disease named Kallmann Syndrome. I am on Louisiana Medicaid but it doesn’t pay for out of state specialists so I have to pay out of pocket. That’s where I need y’all help. As inflation rises, so does medical cost and transportation to get there. I could get a cheaper flight if I drive southeast out of New Orleans. Being 3 hours away, and the cost of gas, it comes out to the same price flying out of the town I live in. Below I have gone into detail about prices. 

I will need to be in Boston from October 5th-11h. I have an appointment for my Kallmann’s specialist within that time frame, and the bill will be $1236. It may go up depending on if she needs more in-depth testing. While there, we are having a patient meeting that weekend. It is a chance to gather other Kallmann patients and allow us to talk with the experts. 

I will also need flights and a hotel round trip from Lafayette, LA, to Boston-Logan Airport. The closer it is to the hospital, the better. For Flight and Hotel from Booking.com Cost per person 1 room for five nights $2050.70 Flight ticket $456.00 Number of travelers 1 Subtotal $2505.88 Package savings -$387.20 Total charges $2118.68   Food: $200-250 TSA PreCheck 190 Metro Card: 7-Day Pass   $22.50   Unlimited travel for seven days. The 7-day pass includes commuter rail, subway and buses.


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