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As many of you know my fiance John suffered a traumatic fall while we were attending a show/concert Saturday 2/26. He fractured his skull and developed 2 brain bleeds. I Thank God that he still has his life, however, the road to recovery is going to take time and be very expensive. After spending days in ICU and multiple CT scans and MRI’s, he still needs physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. It’s crazy to believe that hours before the incident, I was out trying to put the final touches on our upcoming wedding and preparing to purchase our house. Today, all I can think about is doing everything in my power to help my strong, intelligent, and highly gifted man, get back to his amazing self. Many of you have reached out to ask how you can be of help and i have just asked that you all pray for him. At this time, i realize that medical bills are going to be a lot more than we can handle so i am asking for contributions to help get John the treatment he will need to recover from his brain injury. Thank you in advance.


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