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Hi Y’All

I’m  Oliver  I use They/He Pronouns.  Im from The PNW,  A single parent to a lovely 5-year-old, I work full time and go to school full time,  I’m also NonBinary. The fact that I am Non-Binary is the reason that I am turning to  crowdfunding site. I’m trying to raise the funds to cover expenses AFTER My Double Mastectomy or as it knows more commonly as Top surgery.

Yes, I am only asking for expenses for afterward during my 3-5 month recovery after top surgery. I’m am lucky enough that my Insurance is able to cover my entire surgery.

Why the 3-5 month time frame? Well, I work Full Time as a Hairdresser, which is a lot of upper chest movement, so if I go back at 6-8 weeks post-op there is a risk for complication and possible reconstruction in the future. I’m also unsure if my injury insurance will cover my time out.

A little about me, On top of working as a Hairdresser, I’ve gone back to get my Bachelor’s degree ( complete in 2024) In Psychology, Queer, and Gender studies. My goal is to get my Doctorate and work with Lower Income LGBTQIA+ people and work on removing barriers to make it easier for them to access gender-affirming care. I am also a single parent to a 5-year-old, who is so understanding and just loves me for who am, and in her words ” I’m happy that you know who you are now because the old you cried a lot and it was tooooo much.”

To be completely honest with you I’ve been trying to save for these expenses for the last two years; but, because of being a single parent and Covid, clients have been slow to come in, due to health concerns. It’s been hard keeping up on bills, let alone saving anything for upcoming expenses.

here are examples of what the  fund will be used for

Rental expenses, Daycare costs, utility costs, Uber cost to the hospital and back, groceries, etc

All I ask for is your Kindness

thank you for taking the time to read


Oliver (Pronouns They/He)


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