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Hi!  My name is John Walker.  I am a cancer patient that is currently living in Ohio. I moved from Florida to help a sister in need of help.  I tried living here but going through cancer treatments in another facility is not helping me.  The extra help I had in Florida for my treatments is not available in Ohio.  My cancer has spread from my lung to my kidney.  I am on disability since being diagnosed 8 years ago.  Treatment options and scans are being weighed by cost not by necessity. This is new for me to have a health system pick and choose what is available to save my life. I have no savings or anything left since moving here in June.  I now just want to go home and live where my friends and family are in Florida. I lived there for 48 years.  I want to go back home to my oncologist and health system where I feel safe and feel I won’t have the bills that I am now faced with for treatment.  My wife is trying to sell everything we own but it isn’t much since we got rid of everything moving to Ohio.  Family members are not financially able to help us. We are both in desperate need of help. We are alone here and just want to go home where things are familiar and I have people I know, around me. I will feel safe and I will know everything is being done to save my life. My wife will have the support she needs in caring for me as well. This is a journey that has really been difficult but I am confident that I will get back home to everything I know.


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