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I am a single mom with 3 kids, I was living in a board 2 bedroom board house and it burn down flat and from ever since I have been here and about with my 3 kids, One is 12 years old, 6 and 3. I have 3 girls, I have to be depending on family members to help with food and somewhere to rest our heads and because of that, I have been all over the place with my kids, I just need some help to make it back somewhere even if it is one bedroom, also, to buy food and get my kids back in school because they are not in school at the moment, Someone was telling me that I can go on social media and ask for help but things have been very difficult and my kids are already traumatized and I don’t want to put them in any other difficult situation than they already in so instead I decided to ask a friend to create this campaign for me hoping that God will answer my prayers and make a miracle for my kids and I, I don’t have a telephone or anything but the person who is sending out the alert for me will keep me posted on what is happening. I came across ending my own life because I have been going through too much but I have to keep strong for my girls, For who are not able to help at the moment I wouldn’t mind if you can keep any one of my kids until I am back on my feet again because they are struggling, they need a home, food, and education. Please Help me


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